This page is dedicated to experimenting with Vine app.

Media is organized and labeled as it is produced.

Follow on the app (User Name: Nat Banting) Most vines appear as parts of larger ideas; links to blog posts are provided.

Guest Vines:
Eric Appleton's Set of 3 Patterns (@eappleton)

Growing Fractal.

Discrete solutions to linear system of inequalities.

Quadratic Patterns. 
(Coloured to show possible visualizations of growth)

Playing with Circles

Completing the Square (Set of 3)

Animating Patterns

Polynomial Factoring Focus

Musing Mathematically: Spinner Data Task

Musing Mathematically: Ambiguous Case Vines

Cup Pyramid: Arithmetic Sequences and Series

Labeling Triangles: Test Vine

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  1. These are excellent! Thanks for putting these all in one place. I'll be sure to access them from my favorites in the fall. Johanna :)